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Turf and Soil Supplies in Plymouth & East Cornwall: KPT (sw) Ltd Professionals

Visit KPT (sw) Ltd for Quality Turf and Soil Supplies in Plymouth

Choosing the provider for your turf and soil is important. We can recommend a variety of lawns depending on the soil and weather conditions in your area. No job is to big or small and we are confident we can meet your needs.

More information on Turf and Soil in Plymouth

A well-maintained and healthy lawn can make your home look beautiful and add value. The type of turf or grass used for your lawn depends on the type of lawn you want, and must be decided in the preliminary stages. The choice of turf depends on climate, the amount of sunlight, watr availability, soil conditions and varieties available, including Bahia, Bentgrass, Bermuda, bluegrass, buffalo grass, carpet crass, centipede grass, fescue, ryegrass, St Augustine and zoysia. The land and soil on which the turf is to be laid should be prepared with nutrients to make it suitable for the kind of turf to be used. Laying most turf is easy and help is on hand for readying soil and turf maintenance.

Tips for Preparing Soil in Plymouth

Proper soil preparation is essential before turf-laying, as it allows roots to penetrate deeply and evenly, thus making the lawn more drought-tolerant. To prepare soil, you'll need to remove any large objects on the soil surface such as old paving stones, bricks and stones. Weeds such as nettles, thistles and dock leaves need to be dug out from the tap root or sprayed with chemical weed killer. You also need to trim existing vegetation to ground level and text soil nutrient content and pH levels for acidity and alkaline balance. Then add soil conditioning materials, such as coarse sand and organic matter, to enhance soil structure and quality.

We measure the area correctly and add an extra five percent so that you wont run out of turf during installation. We ensure that the grass is delivered just before planting, as it is highly perishable and should not be rolled up and kept for days. You needn't worry about cuts and joints in your lawn as it will grow together in a matter of weeks. Try not to walk on newly laid lawn except for watering so that it knits itself together. The turf must be watered immediately after it is laid and kept moist constantly until the roots take hold.

Turf Maintenance in Plymouth

Usually, new lawns have to be mowed two or three weeks after installation; however, you will have to check with us to find out if there are any special care instructions. Once the lawn is laid it will need to be regularly watered, depending on the weather, but take special care to avoid watering too much and try to water in the early morning or evening. Frequent mowing has many benefits, like thickening the lawn and conserving soil moisture, but should be undertaken with the correct blades and to the correct length. Care should be taken to use the right fertiliser in the correct amount. Regularly check for pests and insects and also check for specific seasonal maintenance requirements.

For the landscaping services that you need call KPT on 01752 880 570

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